Individual Recognition

FOSM Co-founder Sam Beard Featured by Albuquerque Journal, November 5, 2023

FOSM co-founder Sam Beard was featured on the front page of the November 5, 2023 edition of the Albuquerque Journal discussing the 1966 crash of a military jet just below Sandia Crest.

Click on the image at right to read the article. The first two pages are fuzzy images of the printed article followed by a readable download of the text.

Sam briefed us about aircraft crashes in the Sandias at our August 3, 2021 membership meeting. Scroll down to the discussion of this meeting to find links to his briefing and other materials about these crashes.

FOSM Member Sim Cook “Pays it 4ward,” May 1, 2023

FOSM member Sim Cook recognized the efforts of Greg Elbring and Toby Lovato in Mora County who stepped up for their community soon after the Calf Canyon/Hermit’s Peak fires broke out. Sim, who regularly works with all of FOSM’s weekly crews, generously nominated his two new friends for the award. Nonetheless, Sim should be recognized as the third member of the STP (“Same Three People”) crew who accomplished the wood effort for which Greg and Toby were recognized⏤making the long drive from Albuquerque to do so. Way to go, Sim!

Bob Lowder Recognized as Albuquerque Volunteer of the Month

March 12, 2021 – Bob Lowder, Past-President of the Friends of the Sandia Mountains (FOSM) was recognized by Mayor Tim Keller as the Albuquerque Volunteer of the Month. The award was in recognition of Bob’s leadership role as FOSM President for 16 years. The link below is the video presentation ceremony for the One Albuquerque Award for a coordinating the Little Libraries and then for Bob Lowder’s presentation (starting approximately 18:40 into the video).

Congratulations and thanks for your dedication, Bob!

(YouTube video link: click here.)

Sam Beard Recognized as Albuquerque Volunteer of the Month

September 4, 2019 – Sam Beard, long-time volunteer and FOSM Project Coordinator for FOSM was the inaugural recipient of the Albuquerque Volunteer of the Month. The award was presented by Mayor Tim Keller. The link below is a video of the presentation ceremony honoring Sam.

Congratulations and thank-you for your years of dedication and service to the Sandia Mountains, Sam!

(YouTube video link: click here.)