Adopt-a-Highway project leader Steve Roholt reports:

Today a group of 15 volunteers participated in FOSM’s semi-annual Adopt-a-Highway cleanup. I’m embarrassed about the blurry photo. You get the idea though. We had a great crew today. I was impressed by the level of participation!

The volunteers were Cliff Giles, Mike Madden, Rav Nicholson , Ken Nicholson, Laura Leon, Anne Hickman, Karen Grief, Pauline Ho, Rick Buss, Rich Miller, Scott Dietrich, Jamey Browning, Don Carnicom, Sim Cook and Steve Roholt.

We alternated between picking up and bagging trash, brush cutting and pruning along the guardrail, and clearing the shoulder of loose dirt that may be hazardous for cyclists coming downhill. We started at 0900, and most volunteers left by 1100.

It was a beautiful day out there and the traffic was not too bad. Our previous cleanup from last year was evident, and there was not a lot of trash to collect.

October 17, 2023 – Thirteen FOSM Volunteers Complete Adopt-a-highway Project

From project leader Steve Roholt:

Thirteen FOSM volunteers participated in our semi-annual trash pickup and brush removal between mile markers 4 and 5 on state highway 536. Traffic was light and the weather ideal.

We divided into 2 teams: Pauline Ho, Rick Buss, Tim Brown, Karen Grief, Rav Nicholson , Judy Pekarek, and Jerry Pekarek picked up and bagged trash while Dan Benton, Don Carnicom, Cliff Giles, Sim Cook, and Jamey Browning did brush cutting in the ditches and along the guardrail.

We completed our work by 11:00 AM.

June 24, 2023Eleven FOSM Volunteers Participate in First Adopt-a-Highway Cleanup

NMDOT sign at 5-Mile Marker
Nicholson, Don Carnicom, and Dan Benton. Not shown: Pat and Mike Madden plus Scott Dietrich (photographer).
Click above to read Steve’s report.

FOSM board member Steve Roholt organized and led our first Adopt-a-Highway trash-collection and brush-removal day for our adopted section (Mile 4 to 5) of the Crest Highway (State Highway 536). Our agreement with NMDOT is to pick up trash twice per year.

Steve’s report including several photos taken by Scott Dietrich can be accessed by clicking on the image at above right.

Steve plans to schedule our second Adopt-a-Highway day sometime this fall.