Watermelon 100 Project

Matt did it and raised almost $9,000 for FOSM while doing so!

Click here to watch KOB TV coverage of the Watermelon 100 Project.

Follow Matt as he trained for the big event and completed one great run after the other on facebook: www.facebook.com/Watermelon100Project (no account needed to see posts) or Instagram: Fluke City Track Club

An avid long-distance runner, Matt Thompson has enjoyed the expansive and challenging Sandia Mountain trail system for four years while stationed at Kirtland Air Force Base. Before moving to his next assignment, Matt wants to give back by raising funds to support the Friends of the Sandia Mountains! His impressive goal was to bring attention to Sandia’s wonderful trail system by circumnavigating the mountains, ascending and descending several times, in a grueling trek covering over 100 miles and 30,000 feet of elevation gain and to do it in one weekend, May 13-15. He accomplished that goal in 43.5 hours without sleep.

Check out Matt’s interviews with selected FOSM members: Watermelon 100 interviews

Matt has asked that we keep the fundraising open until he uploads his movie summarizing the project. For more details and to support this amazing endeavor go to: Help Support Our Sandia Mountain Trails

View maps and videos of Matt’s preparatory runs here. View previews from his video interviews with FOSM members here. Follow his progress during the run here. Watch his professional-quality movie about the project here. Read the letter of commendation sent to his former commander here.