Forest Service Recognition

Sandia Ranger District Hosts 2023 Volunteer Recognition Event

Group photo; Photo credit: Patricia E. Johnson, PAO, Cibola National Forest and Wildlands

October 19, 2023 – Sandia Ranger District (SRD) hosted its annual Volunteer Recognition Event. FOSM was recognized repeatedly by Forest Service officials Crystal Powell, Julie Padilla, Russell Berman, and Sandra Coambs. Several FOSM members including Sam Beard, Joelle Hertel, Jamey Browning, Lou Romero, and Mike Madden were recognized individually.

Jenny Blackmore received special recognition for her leadership of the Challenge Trail extension project.

2022 Sandia Ranger District Volunteer Appreciation Event

USDA Forest Service photo by Patricia E. Johnson

Sandia Ranger District (SRD) held a volunteer recognition event at the Oak Flat Picnic Area on October 21, 2022. FOSM and several of our members were among the volunteer organizations and individuals recognized. District Ranger Crystal Powell began the ceremonies by saying, “FOSM is awesome.” Thanks for the recognition, SRD!

FOSM Recognized with National Award

May 31, 2018 – The Friends of the Sandia Mountains have been recognized by the USDA Forest Service with the National Award for Enduring Service. For more than 22 years, they have helped maintain and paint facilities, fell hazard trees, build and maintain trails, serve at the Sandia Crest Information Center, and restore historical buildings.

“So many volunteers contribute endless hours of time and energy to the success of our mission and we appreciate each and every one of them,” said Steve Hattenbach, Forest Supervisor.

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