Signage and maps

May 28, 2024 – FOSM cofounder Don Carnicom installed 5 new maps and signs in the Crest and Cienega areas. Three new Kiwanis Meadow Trails maps created by FOSM board member Jamey Browning, all alike except for the “you are here” note, were installed in the Crest area at the locations shown below. Also installed in the Crest area is a replacement for an interpretive education sign that has been in bad shape for years.

Shown below is the new Cienega Nature Trail sign created by FOSM members Ken Wilson and Jamey Browning. The four-foot-square sign is mounted on a long-empty kiosk panel at the beginning of the trail. (See adjacent map.)

Click to enlarge.

Don coordinated development and procurement of the signs.