Projects – youth outreach

FOSM Members Rene Archer, Sam Beard, and project leader Lou Romero (far right) with students, teachers, and parents from Digital Arts and Technology Academy (DATA)

FOSM members, most of whom are retired, take special pleasure in mentoring young people with the goal of inspiring them to enjoy our backyard wonderland and become future stewards of our forests. We do so in two ways:

  • Forest education – We introduce students, many of whom have never experienced the Sandias, to the mountains giving them a first-hand introduction to the flora and fauna of the forest. We also teach them about proper hiking preparation, gear, etiquette, and protocols.
  • Service projects – We partner with organizations whose youth want to “get their hands dirty” (and sometimes boots muddy) working to enhance our forest.
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Experienced FOSM members lead projects. All activities are coordinated with and done only after the review and approval of the Sandia Ranger District.

A Leader Guide developed in collaboration with the Sandia Ranger District ensures that FOSM and Forest Service expectations and requirements are met. Before filling out the form below, please review Sections 3 and 4 of the FOSM Leader Guide to understand our partnership with the Forest Service and the information needed to obtain approval for a project. The form is designed such that the option you choose will determine the information requested to respond to your inquiry.

Please email should you encounter any problems with this form.