If you are a hiker or if you just enjoy being in the Sandias, you know that our mountain is one of nature’s special gifts. Have you ever wondered what you could do to help protect them? Do you want to learn more about the animals and plants you find there? Do you like to meet people who share your concern for the Sandia and Manzanita Mountains?

Welcome! Please explore our website to learn more about the goals and many activities of the Friends of the Sandia Mountains (FOSM). Be sure to visit our Projects page to look for volunteer opportunities that match your interests and abilities.

Notices and Highlights

  • Check out details of our June 7 membership meeting (Zoom) below.
  • Rewatch Matt Thompson complete the Watermelon 100 Project here.
  • Check out our many volunteer opportunities.
  • Become the leader of our paint crew.
  • Relive the fun 18th Sandia Snowshoe Race.
  • Watch KOB TV video about FOSM.
  • Watch One Albuquerque Volunteer Series video about FOSM.
  • Read about our history, strategic plan, and board of directors.

Membership Meeting – June 7, 2022 (Zoom)

Please plan to join us for our next monthly membership meeting and hear Jayne Aubele from the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science educate us about the fascinating geological history of the Sandia Mountains. Jayne has provided an excellent document for your pre-class reading enjoyment.

TITLE OF PROGRAM – “Geology of the Sandia Mountains”


Albuquerque’s Mountains, the Sandia Mountains, are very special. They are not part of the Rocky Mountains. Geologically, they formed in a completely different way and much more recently than did the Rockies. And they have some very interesting geological stories to tell once we begin to “read the record” in their rocks and their landscape. This presentation will discuss the formation of our mountains, their rocks, fossils, and mineral wealth, and why the view from Albuquerque and the East Mountains is so different.


Jayne Aubele is a geologist and senior educator for the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science. She has worked as a field geologist for the U.S. Geological Survey mapping the geology in the southwestern U.S. and for NASA remotely exploring the geology of Mars, Venus, and the Moon.

Her extensive publications include scientific papers and geologic maps, curricula/materials for teachers of all grade levels, and chapters in books including Volcanoes of North America, The Geology of Mars, and the Field Guide to the Sandia Mountains. She has taught earth science and space science to K through graduate students, K-12 teachers, and the adult public. She was an invited author for entries on “Comparative Planetology” and “Earth” (McMillan Encyclopedia) and for a publication about “Geoscience in Natural History Museums in the 21st Century.” She was technical advisor and on-air geologist for the PBS program, “The Sandias.”

Prior to coming to the Museum she worked as a research scientist at Brown University, working with both U.S. and Russian planetary missions to Venus, and was a Program Manager for NASA’s Statewide Space Grant Program. She is Past-Chair of the GSA Planetary Geology Division, Past-President of the New Mexico Academy of Science and a Fellow of the Geological Society of America.


Link to Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 842 8371 9229
Passcode: 720789

Dial-in (Not toll-free): 346-248-7799


Watermelon 100 Project

Matt did it!

Matt Thompson began his ultra-run at 8:00 PM Friday at the base of the Tram. He finished back at the Tram at 5:30 PM Sunday: 102 miles in 43.5 hours with no sleep.

Follow Matt’s amazing journey here.

Watch KOB TV coverage of the event here.

Matt chose FOSM as the recipient of ALL funds raised in this fantastic endeavor. He has asked that we keep the GoFundMe account open until he uploads the movie he is creating summarizing the event to YouTube.

$8,720 raised so far! Thanks, Matt!

Click here or on the image above to watch Matt’s short video preview of the project.

Get to know Matt by listening to a podcast in which he provides details about his personal and ultra-running background as well as the inspiration for the project. Why FOSM? Matt explains his choice and says many nice things about us in minutes 18-26.

Check out more details including how you can support the project here. Follow Matt’s preparation for his ordeal here. Watch previews of Matt’s interviews with FOSM members here. Watch KOB TV coverage of the Watermelon 100 Project here.

Thanks, Matt! We are awed by your accomplishment, grateful for your generosity, and honored by your choice of FOSM as representative of individuals and groups that volunteer their services to maintain and improve the trails.

Volunteer Opportunity – Paint Crew Leader

Thanks, Anne Hickman, for your years of faithful service as leader of the paint crew. Anne has stepped down due to other commitments. Please use the form here if you would be interested in assuming this leadership position.

Welcome, New FOSM Members!

Joe Beman – May 16, 2022

Ralph Kopp – May 16, 2022

Stuart Crane – May 14, 2022

Rene Archer – May 9, 2022

Barbara McGuire – April 28, 2022

Mike Rahmer – April 21, 2022

Sue Mealy – April 15, 2022

Shawn Boyette & Melissa Clements – April 11, 2022

James Epps – April 8,2022

Roland Stumpf – April 6,2022

Ralph Wrons – April 6,2022

Julie Tertin – April 5,2022

Dan Roberts & Linda Stiles – April 1,2022

Caroline & Dale Blankenship – March 31, 2022

Cynthia Chavers – March 22, 2022

Bruce Julagay – February 28, 2022

Anthony Pachelli – January 31, 2022

Luis Cuadros – January 24, 2022

Norman Stahulak – January 31, 2022

Lynne Uhring – January 19, 2022

Aidan Thompson – January 22, 2022

Michael McDonald – January 19, 2022

Margaret Keller – January 17, 2022

Stuart Kay – January 8, 2022

Ryan Platz – November 29, 2021

Vincent Amendolagine – November 16, 2021

Robert L. Grey – November 16, 2021

Robert Hembach – November 12, 2021

Jon Driskell – November 4, 2021

Diane Reese – November 3, 2021

Virginia Seiser – October 20, 2021

Jennifer Bradley – October 16, 2021

Kevin Wall – October 8, 2021

KOB TV Features FOSM Volunteers

October 14, 2021 – Joy Wang of KOB TV’s morning show presented a short video feature on the volunteer work of Friends of the Sandia Mountains that included comments by Sam Beard, Lou Romero, and Rav Nicholson. Click on the image below to watch the feature, which consists of recordings made on September 1 during a Wednesday fence-repair project at Doc Long Picnic Area. Thanks, Joy!

City of Albuquerque features FOSM on GovTV

August 21, 2021 – “FOSM is awesome.” Those were the words of Julie Padilla, Sandia Ranger District Recreation Staff Officer, during a 15-minute video produced by the City of Albuquerque and shown on One Albuquerque Media (GOV TV) on August 21, 2021. Six members of FOSM joined Julie in describing who FOSM is and what we do. You can view the video on the city’s One Albuquerque Volunteer Series YouTube channel by clicking here.

The city also created a webpage devoted to FOSM on its One Albuquerque Volunteers website.

Bob Lowder Recognized as Albuquerque Volunteer of the Month

March 12, 2021 – Bob Lowder, Past-President of the Friends of the Sandia Mountains (FOSM) was recognized by Mayor Tim Keller as the Albuquerque Volunteer of the Month. The award was in recognition of Bob’s leadership role as FOSM President for 16 years. The link below is the video presentation ceremony for the One Albuquerque Award for a coordinating the Little Libraries and then for Bob Lowder’s presentation (starting approximately 18:40 into the video).

Congratulations and thanks for your dedication, Bob!

(YouTube video link: click here.)

Sam Beard Recognized as Albuquerque Volunteer of the Month

September 4, 2019 – Sam Beard, long-time volunteer and FOSM Project Coordinator for FOSM was the inaugural recipient of the Albuquerque Volunteer of the Month. The award was presented by Mayor Tim Keller. The link below is a video of the presentation ceremony honoring Sam.

Congratulations and thank-you for your years of dedication and service to the Sandia Mountains, Sam!

(YouTube video link: click here.)

FOSM Recognized with National Award

May 31, 2018 – The Friends of the Sandia Mountains have been recognized by the USDA Forest Service with the National Award for Enduring Service. For more than 22 years, they have helped maintain and paint facilities, fell hazard trees, build and maintain trails, serve at the Sandia Crest Information Center, and restore historical buildings.

“So many volunteers contribute endless hours of time and energy to the success of our mission and we appreciate each and every one of them,” said Steve Hattenbach, Forest Supervisor.

(To read the complete news release, click here.)