Saw certifications

Michael Arndt earns B-level chainsaw felling certification; Photo credit: Steve Roholt
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Congratulations to FOSM members Sim Cook, Jamey Browning, Ken Wilson, and Tim Kirkpatrick for successfully completing the rigourous Forest Service chainsaw certification process. The level of certification for all FOSM sawyers can be found in the table above.

Congratulations to FOSM members Michael Arndt, Byron Gardner, Mike Madden, Steve Roholt, Scott Dietrich, Dave Gabel, Sim Cook, and Eric Russell for successfully completing the rigorous Forest Service saw-certification process.

Ever wonder who gets to be one of the people having fun handling chainsaws or crosscut saws in photos in the weekly project leader reports? You can buy or rent a chainsaw and remove a tree from your backyard without so much as a minute of training. Contrarily, gaining Forest Service authorization to do so is a very rigorous process.

After successfully completing classes in saw basics as well as courses in first aid, CPR, AED usage, and blood-borne pathogens, candidates must demonstrate proficiency in the field. There are three levels of certification: A-level sawyers are authorized to buck and limb trees already on the ground under the watchful eyes of a more experienced sawyer. B-level sawyers first demonstrate proficiency at bucking and limbing trees already on the ground before being tested and certified for felling trees—an especially challenging level of skill. Highly experienced Forest Service sawyers certified at the C level administer the A- and B-level certification tests.

Sawyers must be re-certified by testing in the field every three years to maintain their certification.