Other Recognition

Mountain Christian Church (MCC) Commends FOSM for Donation Fire Wood Work

August 16, 2023 – Eric Russell, Don Carnicom, Jerry Carroll, Dan Benton, Lou Romero, Sam Beard, MCC member, MCC member, Michael Oliver (MCC member), and Jamey Browning finish splitting and loading the last of wood from approximately 60 trees felled by Forest Service in Nine Mile Picnic Area. Photo credit: Cliff Giles

Lou Romero, co-leader with Sam Beard of our donation-wood project, received the following message from Scott Peterson on October 12:

Scott is the new Director of the Mountain Christian Church Wood Ministry. Ryan Hopkins owns the property where we have been delivering most of the wood the last few years. Mike Oliver (see photo above) is Scott’s Assistant Director and owns the woodlot in the East Mountains where we also delivered 4 loads this summer.

The Wednesday general projects crew devoted 12 sessions to donation wood work by mid-October 2023, usually using Joe Meade’s pickup and dump trailer to haul the wood to one of the church woodlots. Joe’s son and daughter-in-law frequently helped before moving away a few months ago.

These efforts continued in 2024. On March 8 Scott Peterson wrote:

Ten work sessions by the Wednesday crew had been devoted to processing donation wood by mid-May 2024.