Winter scenes

Winter 2023-2024

Winter came early and provided an exceptional amount of snow given the new normal of climate change. That meant fantastic photo opportunities in the Sandias as you can see by scanning those below.

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April 24 – Thinking about a hike at the Crest? You’d still better bring your snowshoes. Jamey Browning reports up to two feet of snow remaining in places.

April 15 – Kerry Jones has provided several comparisons of this winter’s snowpack to previous years. Here’s Kerry’s look at the rate at which the snow is melting.

Photos on the left taken where Survey Trail crosses the Crest Highway. (We relocated the 10,400-ft. sign last year.) Photos on the right taken at the intersection of Tree Spring and 10K South Trails.

Kerry notes:

the winter of 2018-19 was a very good snow year (not as good as this year but one of our better seasons of late), but it also goes to show how effectively a relatively active and cooler than average March-April can do to keep the high elevation snowpack in place this time of year. Back in late March-early April 2019,  the snowpack ablated significantly more so as compared to this year. 

March 20 – There’s lots of fresh snow on the mountain. Thanks to Kerry Jones for another impressive set of snow comparison photos based on his snowshoe excursion with Steve Roholt today. It’s been a great winter! Thanks to Steve for letting us see the man who has provided these interesting comparisons.

March 18 – Thanks to Jerry Carroll for the great photos below from the Crest area.

What a difference a year makes! Just below Kiwanis Cabin. Photo credit: Kerry Jones
February 10 – “El Niño has been kind this year!” Photo credit: Steve Roholt

January 15 – Monday trail maintenance crew and snowshoe event marshals sweep the course prior to the race.
Photo credit: Stefan Martin and Paul Karas

January 5 – Brrr! Jamey Browning reported: I went up the Tram this morning, but it was so cold that I came back down. It was about 13 deg with 30 mph winds. Too cold for me. There was probably a good 10 inches of new snow.

Nevertheless, Steve Roholt was able to enjoy some nordic skiing on the Klaus Trail where the winds were much calmer. FOSM helped Sandia Nordic Ski Club extensively rework this trail over the past year.

Multi-year comparison of snow levels near Ellis Trailhead; Photo credit: Kerry Jones
Sandia Peak on Christmas Eve; Photo credit: Cliff Giles

December 2 – Snowshoeing near the upper Tram terminal; Photo credit: Jamey Browning

November 20 – Sandia Peak covered in snow for first time this season. Photo credit: Cliff Giles