Projects – general

This crew usually works on Wednesdays and does a wide variety of things in support of the Forest Service to make our mountains more accessible and enjoyable for the public.

Sam Beard leads this crew, which uses chainsaws and numerous hand tools owned by FOSM to clear trees and brush from trails, fell hazard trees in picnic areas, rebuild fences in picnic areas, buck and split lumber into firewood for donations to charity, and clear meadows of invasive species of trees to name a few.

Although not usually involving the long hikes or quite the level of physical exertion demanded of the Monday and Thursday crews, the activities of the Wednesday crew still can be demanding. Pacing oneself and working within one’s limits are musts.

Safety is paramount. Everyone wears appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE), which includes gloves, long sleeves, long pants, sturdy boots, helmets, eye protection, and hearing protection when chain saws are used. Chainsaw operators are trained and certified by the Forest Service. There’s plenty of work for other crew members using various hand tools and acting as “swampers” removing limbs and debris in support of the sawyers.

Sam prepares a comprehensive report including photographs after each activity. These reports, recent copies of which can be found here, provide a great means of learning about the crew’s activities.

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