Matt’s Movie

Matt Thompson’s Artistic Skills Complement his Amazing Physical Abilities

Matt’s 40-minute movie highlights the treasure we have in our backyards. Click here or on the image above to enjoy it.

Matt Thompson succeeded in his amazing Watermelon 100 Project—a 103-mile trek up, down, and around the Sandias—and raised almost $9,000 for FOSM in the process. With the aim of encouraging more people to discover the unique Sandia trail system, Matt created a 40-minute movie summarizing his adventure and the reasons for choosing FOSM as the beneficiary of the proceeds. On July 14, he gave FOSM members an opportunity to see the movie before it became publicly available on YouTube.

We were awed by Matt’s creative talents. He skillfully merged portions of interviews with Kerry Wood and several FOSM members with outstanding GoPro and drone video recordings to create a movie that allows us to follow along as he and his dozen-plus pacers make the arduous 45-hour trek around the mountains. We celebrate with him as he reaches Chimney Canyon Trail two hours ahead of schedule early Saturday morning, feel his pain as he pushes himself during the final miles on Sunday afternoon, and share his joy as young son Cameron leads him back to his starting point at the Tram Sunday evening.