Cibola Trail Rangers

Photo credit: Cliff Giles

The Cibola Trail Rangers (or CTR) is an email based group of interested folks who frequent the trails in the Sandia Ranger District and are interested in exchanging information on trail conditions on a continuing basis. We find a variety of folks are interested: hikers, bikers, XC skiers, horsemen, Adopt a Trail owners… This is not a formal organization.

The email group is composed of both persons who frequent the trails often and report potentially hazardous conditions such as trees across the trail, rock slides, etc. as well as persons who are trained and approved to take corrective action to alleviate the problem. Anyone who is a member of the group can report a problem by merely sending a message to the Cibola Trail Rangers email group and everyone will instantly know about the problem in order to either avoid it or take corrective action. Equally important, those taking corrective action are encouraged to report they have done so, so others will not make an unnecessary trip.

To become a member of the group, the Moderator must add your name to the group. Messages are not moderated; that is anyone can send a message without a moderator’s approval. The Moderator will take corrective action if a person misuses the intent of the Email group. The group currently numbers over 100 persons.

Important information about the Cibola Trail Rangers group

To send a message to the members of this group, send an email to:

If you wish to subscribe to this group, send an email to .
If you wish to unsubscribe, follow the instructions below the messages for a link to do this.

Photo credit: Bill Savage