2018 Membership Meetings

April 3 – James “Zoni” Anzalone, Dispatch Center Manager, Cibola NF, Wildland Fire Readiness, Leadership; Resources & Decision Making

May 1 – Tom Coleman, Tree Mortality in the Sandias—Causes & Management Challenges

June 5 – John Barney, Bernallio County Parks & Rec./Open Space Planning Manager, Re-Creating Recreation

July 3 – Pauline Ho And Mike Coltrin, Tramping/Touring New Zealand

August 7 – Mike Madden, Grand Canyon Hiking Adventures — Hayduke Trail

September 4 – Verena Weissenborn And Paul Zahnle, Search and Rescue in the Sandias

October 2 – Uwe Schroeter, Trekking to Choquequirao, The Sister City of Machu Picchu